Brisbane Gun Club

Brisbane Gun Club provides one-on-one coaching in Clay-Target shooting for beginners, novices and competitive Skeet and Trap Shooting.

What is Clay-Target Shooting? 

This is the art of shooting a firearm (at BGC, a double-barrel shotgun is used) at special flying targets , known as clay pigeons or clay targets. Each round consists of 25 targets. Disciplines include Skeet and Trap shooting. Clay-Target shooting is a sport developing skills in coordination, concentration and strength.

Brisbane Gun Club provide Gun Hire, Tuition and Ammunition sales. It also provides the Firearm Safety Course which is a prerequisite in obtaining a Firearm Licence. For those who has never handled a gun before, a one-on-one lesson can be booked where you will be taken through one round of 25 shots; the length of the lesson would be approximately 60 minutes.  For those with some firearm experience, private coaching can also be booked.

Dates & Times: Thursday (10am-5pm), Friday (12pm-8.30pm), Saturday (9am-5pm)

Venue: Mount Petrie Road, Belmont, QLD 4153

Cost: $80 for ‘Come and Try’ (including gun hire and 25x cartridges)

Note: For your safety, there are strict rules and regulations at the club. Please bring your Driver’s Licence and please note there is a minimum dress code (no thongs, no open-toe shoes, no singlets, no camouflage gear). For more details, please refer to our website.

Contact Person: Paul Vit

Phone: (07) 3398 4555



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