Win-Win Conflict Resolution

Sat 8th September – Brisbane QlD

Provider: MDA National

Do you confidently manage disagreements in your team? Differences in opinions, values, backgrounds, skills and priorities mean that intragroup conflict is unavoidable.  This 3.5-hour education session is an opportunity to strengthen your skills and knowledge in effectively managing disagreements to improve delivery of safe, effective and efficient medical care.  FIND OUT MORE…..



Ikigai: Women & Medicine

Sat 20th October – Brisbane QLD

Provider: Women & Medicine

Ikigai: Women & Medicine is a one day Symposium in Brisbane featuring a diverse array of speakers on topics including career progression, wellbeing, gender & medicine, financial health, mentorship, and leadership & influence, as well as the opportunity to network and meet other great women in medicine. Drawing on the Japanese concept of ikigai or ‘reason for being’ – work, family, passion and talents are all interrelated in bringing joy, fulfilment and balance to the daily routine of life. But finding the ‘sweet spot’ where passion and talents intersect with profession and vocation can be challenging given the pressures of modern medical practice. For many female doctors this is made even harder by having to overcome unconscious bias, structural barriers and competing demands of home life. Whether you are just starting out in medicine, mid-career or in transition or seeking greater balance, this symposium will explore issues for women in medicine and provide you with practical tools and strategies to help you progress your career, expand your influence and find your ‘sweet spot’. FIND OUT MORE….

Variable Dates throughout 2018

Surgeons as Leaders

Variable Dates & Venues (1-day course)

Provider: Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

Surgeons as leaders in everyday practice is a one and a half day program which looks at the development of both the individual and clinical teams leadership capabilities. It will concentrate on leadership styles, emotional intelligence, values and communication and how they all influence their capacity to lead others to enhance patient outcomes. It will form part of a leadership journey sharing and gaining valuable experiences and tools to implement in their own workplace. FIND OUT MORE……

Introduction to Simulation Methodology

Variable Dates in South Brisbane QLD (1-day course)

Provider: Mater Health Education

Are you interested in using simulation to engage team members, improve their clinical knowledge, skills and application in the workplace? ISM provides healthcare personnel with the knowledge and skills required to develop, deliver and evaluate simulated activities in their area. This interactive program provides the foundation for using simulation methodology as an educational platform for professionals in the healthcare environment. Through group work and discussion, you will learn how to create a challenging and safe learning environment whilst developing and delivering a simulated scenario. You will be supported to develop and refine your debriefing skills using a structured approach. FIND OUT MORE…..

CMS Simulation as a Teaching Tool

Variable Dates in South Brisbane QLD (4-day course)

Provider: Mater Health Education

Simulation as a Teaching Tool is hosted by Mater Education, and delivered by the Center for Medical Simulation through its Institute of Medical Simulation instructor training program. This intensive four-day training program is designed to develop your skills in delivering safe and effective simulation-based learning. Drawing on the disciplines of aviation, healthcare, psychology, experiential learning and organisational behaviour, you’ll learn how to teach clinical, behavioural and cognitive skills through simulation. You’ll explore simulator-based teaching methods applicable across the healthcare education spectrum, including undergraduate and graduate medical, nursing and allied health domains. Key topics include:

  • patient simulation: history and context
  • operating a simulation program
  • creating a challenging and safe learning environment
  • teaching critical thinking and skills
  • teaching teamwork and crisis resource management
  • developing debriefing skills
  • preparing, building, conducting and debriefing realistic simulation scenarios
  • avoiding simulation pitfalls and ineffective debriefing techniques
  • introducing behavioural and educational research paradigms
  • advancing simulation within your institution.



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