Courses are organised by dates. For those with multiple courses throughout 2018, see the first section (‘Dates in 2018’), for those scheduled only once, browse via the specific months. This site is continually updated every month.


Dates in 2018

Open Disclosure Workshop

4-hour workshop scheduled throughout 2018 – South Brisbane QLD

Provider: Mater Health Education 

An effective Open Disclosure conversation can assist health service organisations to manage adverse events compassionately and provide broader benefits through improved clinical communication and system improvements. When things go wrong in the health care system, patients and families want to know.  How people learn about these adverse events shapes their experience, and has a huge impact on their attitudes towards treatment options, clinicians and health services in future. It is widely acknowledged that these conversations can be difficult to have, but are integral to the delivery of quality care. During this four hour course, participants will gain the knowledge and skills they need to conduct these difficult conversations effectively, with transparency and compassion. Participants will learn and practise new techniques in a safe learning environment through simulated conversations, and will also have the opportunity to test their own ‘open disclosure conversation’ in a small group setting with simulated patients. This course aims to prepare any health professional who may be involved in Open Disclosure conversations. FIND OUT MORE……..

Clinical Supervision

All day workshop scheduled throughout 2018 – South Brisbane QLD

Provider: Mater Health Education 

If you’re a clinician who support students, graduates, interns and new staff in the workplace, this interprofessional program will further develop your clinical supervision skills. Using clinical scenarios and simulations, you’ll practice and strengthen your skills in:

  • identifying trainee needs, and effective clinical teaching techniques
  • delivering feedback, and strategies to overcome barriers to effective feedback
  • implementing the roles and responsibilities of clinical supervisors
  • assessing clinical performance
  • effectively supporting a trainee in difficulty
  • identifying and managing scope of practice issues
  • fostering connections with the clinical education team and using existing resources.


Advanced Clinical Supervision Program

All day workshop scheduled throughout 2018 – South Brisbane QLD

Provider: Mater Health Education 

This interprofessional program enhances the existing skills of experienced clinical supervisors who support students, graduates, interns and new staff in the clinical environment. Clinical scenarios and simulation are used to practice:

  • providing feedback, including managing difficult conversations
  • improving workplace-based assessment
  • effectively managing trainee issues
  • enhancing clinical leadership skills
  • developing strategies to reduce supervision issues relevant to participants’ individual workplaces
  • employing mentoring to enhance performance outcomes.


Introduction to Simulation Methodology

Variable Dates in South Brisbane QLD (1-day course)

Provider: Mater Health Education

Are you interested in using simulation to engage team members, improve their clinical knowledge, skills and application in the workplace? ISM provides healthcare personnel with the knowledge and skills required to develop, deliver and evaluate simulated activities in their area. This interactive program provides the foundation for using simulation methodology as an educational platform for professionals in the healthcare environment. Through group work and discussion, you will learn how to create a challenging and safe learning environment whilst developing and delivering a simulated scenario. You will be supported to develop and refine your debriefing skills using a structured approach. FIND OUT MORE…..

CMS Simulation as a Teaching Tool

Variable Dates in South Brisbane QLD (4-day course)

Provider: Mater Health Education

Simulation as a Teaching Tool is hosted by Mater Education, and delivered by the Center for Medical Simulation through its Institute of Medical Simulation instructor training program. This intensive four-day training program is designed to develop your skills in delivering safe and effective simulation-based learning. Drawing on the disciplines of aviation, healthcare, psychology, experiential learning and organisational behaviour, you’ll learn how to teach clinical, behavioural and cognitive skills through simulation. You’ll explore simulator-based teaching methods applicable across the healthcare education spectrum, including undergraduate and graduate medical, nursing and allied health domains. Key topics include:

  • patient simulation: history and context
  • operating a simulation program
  • creating a challenging and safe learning environment
  • teaching critical thinking and skills
  • teaching teamwork and crisis resource management
  • developing debriefing skills
  • preparing, building, conducting and debriefing realistic simulation scenarios
  • avoiding simulation pitfalls and ineffective debriefing techniques
  • introducing behavioural and educational research paradigms
  • advancing simulation within your institution.


Resilience on the Run

Variable Dates in Brisbane (1 day Course)

Provider: AMAQ 

As a profession, it’s our responsibility to ensure doctors have the appropriate support, throughout their careers, to deal with the challenges of the medical profession. It is with this in mind that AMA Queensland’s Council of Doctors in Training researched and developed Resilience on the Run – a first-of-its-kind pilot program aimed at equipping young doctors with the resilience and coping skills needed to survive and thrive in medicine.

Resilience on the Run was piloted at Rockhampton Base Hospital in October 2015 and received considerable positive feedback. Hospital administration and interns found the program so helpful that they asked for it to be rolled out again. Presented by resilience expert Dr Ira van der Steenstraten, the Resilience on the Run program focuses on developing techniques for resilience and mindfulness, better managing interpersonal relationships, navigating difficult scenarios on the job and practical steps for asking for help.  FIND OUT MORE…..



AMA Private Practice and Medicolegal Conference

7th – 8th September – Brisbane

Provider: AMAQ

AMA Queensland’s ever-popular Private Practice & Medico-Legal Conference is a comprehensive two-day program that gives you the opportunity to hear:

  • leading departmental speakers on Medicare billing and all of your MBS queries;
  • case study-driven agenda, featuring a range of panel discussions with highly experienced specialists, GPs and practice managers; and
  • dedicated streams for specialist/GP and practice managers improving the learning experience.

Find out MORE…..

Noteworthy: Medical Documentation

15th September – Newcastle 

Provider: MDA National

Do you effectively use medical records to support continuity of patient care? Are you confidently avoiding the pitfalls of electronic record keeping and appropriately managing access to patient records?  Keeping clear medical records is a professional requirement and an integral part of good quality care. Given the sensitive information medical records contain, maintaining their security and privacy is vital. Good documentation can also substantially improve the defensibility of a claim or complaint. FIND OUT MORE……


John Murtagh Annual Update Course for GP’s

Wed 7th to Fri 9th November 2018 – Melbourne, VIC

Provider: Monash Institute of Health & Clinical Education

The course is in its 40th year and is a regular feature of the postgraduate professional development calendar. The topics and presenters for this year’s program have been carefully selected and are based on both your recommendations and feedback from previous years’ Update Courses. FIND OUT MORE…….

Advanced Law Intensive

Sat 24th and Sun 25th November 2018 – Venue TBC

Provider: Australasian College of Legal Medicine

An intensive two day lecture series that focuses in some detail on the principles that define the legal relationship between the patient and the health care professional. These principles involve, firstly, consent to treatment by both adults and children; secondly that advice and treatment is provided with reasonable care and skill in accordance with accepted standards of care; and thirdly that the relationship is maintained through an acceptable standard of professional conduct. FIND OUT MORE…..


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