Basic Law Intensive

This is course is an intensive two-day lecture series covering core law subjects to provide doctors, dentists and other health professionals with an understanding of the basic concepts of medical law, thus allowing a credible and realistic understanding of matters of law applicable to professional practice.

Learning outcomes:

  • Recognise the legal framework that underpins the health care system in Australia.
  • Differentiate between the consent required for treatment (trespass) and informed consent (negligence).
  • Recognise the consent requirements in adults who lack capacity, both at common law and under guardianship legislation.
  • Interpret the legal medicine issues surrounding the beginning of life and end of life in clinical practice.
  • Apply the principles of confidentiality and privacy to your clinical practice and record keeping system.

What does this course cover:

  • The BLI begins with an introduction to the legal framework that supports the health system. Consent to medical treatment, substitute decision-making, clinical negligence, confidentiality and privacy are then discussed for the remainder of the first day. These areas of law embody the principles of medical law, namely autonomy of the patient and the tension that can arise between this fundamental principle and that of beneficence or ‘best interests.’
  • The second day involves examining the issues in clinical practice that relate to the beginning and end of life. Specifically, the topics discussed are artificial reproductive technology (ART), withdrawal of life sustaining measures, and the doctrine of double effect. The day concludes with an overview of forensic medicine, where clinical practice and the criminal and coronial law intersect.
  • Each presentation is followed by small group discussion of two clinical case studies that relate to the subject material. The small groups each then report back the whole group, identifying the legal issues that were involved in the clinical situation presented.


  • Professor Roy Beran, Consultant Neurologist & Professor, FACLM
  • Professor John Devereux, Professor of Law, University of Queensland
  • Dr Sandra Johnson, Developmental Paediatrician & ACLM President, FACLM

CPD Points & College: This program has been allocated 40 Category 1 points (Activity 119861) in the RACGP QI & CPD Program for the 2017-19 triennium.

Dates:  23 & 24 June 2018


Venue: Peppers Noosa Resort, Noosa Heads, QLD

Cost*: $800 (ACLM members) / $950 (non-members)

Contact Person: Jayelle Conway, ACLM Administrator

Phone: +61 431 529 506



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