Expert Witness Training Program

Legal Medicine encompasses the interchange between medicine and law and nowhere is this more apparent than when doctors are invited to provide expert witness testimony. This is provided as either the treating doctor or to provide an independent assessment of a circumstance within the domain of the doctor’s expertise.

Being an expert witness requires providing a report and/or attending a court or tribunal and is often stressful for the doctor concerned. ACLM runs this course to familiarise clinicians as to what is required within such situations.

This course introduces the participants to all facets of expert witness training with the aim of both meeting the expectations of the legal profession while concurrently not ignoring that which is due to the expert by way of compensation and consideration.

The course includes:

  • A series of didactic lectures to offer advice as to what is expected of the expert by the instructing solicitor, the barrister and the adjudicator (such as the judge).
  • It instructs the clinician how to behave within set situations, providing interactive advice from an experienced expert witness.
  • Each attendee is expected to submit a de-identified legal medicine report at least two weeks prior to the course. These reports are critically marked to provide advice as to how they can be improved.
  • Each attendee participates in a moot (a mock trial) where they are led and cross-examined based on their report. This moot is conducted by two real Barristers and a Judge, with feedback provided to each participant.

Provider: Australasian College of Legal Medicine


Professor Roy Beran facilitates the program. The other teaching faculty members depends on the location of the course, along with the availability of local Judges, Barristers and Solicitors. Teaching faculty for the upcoming 10 & 11 March 2018 course is:

  • His Honour Judge Alister McNab, Federal Circuit Court of Australia
  • Professor Roy Beran, Program Facilitator, Consultant Neurologist, FACLM
  • Barrister Cahal Fairfield, Crockett Chambers
  • Kathryn Booth, Medical Negligence Lawyer, Maurice Blackburn

CPD Points: This program is pending approval for 40 Category 1 points in the RACGP QI&CPD Program for the 2017-19 triennium.

Dates: 10 & 11 March 2018


Venue: Stamford Plaza, Melbourne VIC

Cost*: $950 (ACLM members) / $1150 (non-members)

Contact Person: Jayelle Conway, ACLM Administrator

Phone: +61 431 529 506

Email: (optional)


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