Crisis Management for Clinicians

A crisis can occur when you least expect it.  It’s usually a case of when, not if.  The important question is ‘Are you ready, capable of dealing with the range of possible scenarios that could threaten your business, no matter how unlikely you think they might be to occur to achieve the best possible outcome for your stakeholders and your organisation’?  Preparing for a crisis is like preparing for your most important game day. It takes strategy, practice, discipline, team building and perhaps most importantly, commitment.  Prior to the workshop, participants will have an opportunity to complete a crisis audit, based on the ISO 22301 standard, to assess the areas of compliance and non-compliance within their organisation.  During this workshop, participants will explore and discuss best practice crisis principles and look that the components of a useful and functional crisis response plan and crisis communication plan.  The content of this component will relate back to the audit completed by the participants.  Working in teams, participants will put theory into practice by being immersed in a realistic simulation exercise, based on a cyber security breach within the health sector.

This course covers:

  • completing a crisis audit, a crisis response plan template and a crisis communication plan template
  • understanding of what your organisation needs to do to improve its level of preparedness
  • enhancing your understanding of crisis management theories
  • applying your knowledge immediately in your workplace
  • joining a network of medical managers
  • participating in continuing your professional development

You should attend if you:

  • are likely to be part of a crisis, or, critical incident response team
  • require an awareness of crisis management key terms and concepts
  • are interested in understanding emergency planning and crisis management
  • have career aspirations for medical leadership roles

Provider: Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators


David Hawkins, Managing Director, Socom, has been involved in some of Australia’s high profile crises including the Cranbourne Methane landfill incident, the Mars Snickers Extortion, Home Insulation Scheme, Census and Black Saturday.  He was also part of the Prime Minister’s Cyber Security Taskforce.  He has built a reputation of delivering tailored, results-driven solutions for clients through effective issues management and communication. He is one of the most respected professionals in the communication industry with a 30-year career that covers crisis management and communication, advocacy and stakeholder engagement.  David is one of a few Australians to have won the highly prestigious Issues Management Award from the International Association of Business Communicators for his work on the Mars Snickers extortion.  David is a Life Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of Australia, an Associate at the Melbourne Business School, a qualified Lead Auditor with the International Business Continuity Institute and currently completing his PhD in organisational relationships at Latrobe University.  He is the author of ‘Valuing Relationships:   A common sense approach to improving business outcomes.’

CPD Points: 7 CPD points

Dates & Times: Thursday 5 April 2018, 9.00am – 5.00pm

Venue: Novotel Hotel Darling Harbour, 70-100 Murray Street, Pyrmont  NSW  2009

Cost: $1,185.00

Bookings are Essential.


Contact Person: Jo Jenson

Phone: 03 9824 4699






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