Managing Bipolar Disorder

Provider:  Black Dog Institute

The diagnosis and management of bipolar disorder presents many challenges to primary care clinicians. Our six hour highly interactive program explores the key issues and difficulties in the detection and treatment of bipolar disorder, equipping the clinician with the knowledge and skills required to deliver an integrated pharmacological and psychological approach best suited to the needs of people living with bipolar disorder.

Prerequisites: Completion of predisposing activity, completion of Mental Health Skills Training (MHST).
Suitable for: Counsellors, GP Registrars, GPs, Multi-disciplinary, Psychologists, Social Workers

Topics Covered
Topic 1: Assessment & Diagnosis
Topic 2: Pharmacological Management
Topic 3: Recovery & Wellness
Topic 4: Diagnostic Dilemmas

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the key features of bipolar disorder.
  • Assess patients presenting with depression for possible underlying bipolar disorder.
  • Undertake a risk assessment for patients with bipolar disorder.
  • List common co-morbid conditions that accompany bipolar disorder.
  • Outline the pharmacological management of bipolar disorder.
  • Delineate the role of psycho-education and psychological strategies in achieving and maintaining well-being in patients with bipolar disorder.

CPD points:
• 40 RACGP QI&CPD Category 1 Points
• Focused Psychological Strategies CPD(GPMHSC)
• 6 Hours CPD (psychologists)
• AASW Endorsed Activity

Dates, Times, Costs & Registration:

State City Date Time Fee Book Now
NSW Randwick 02 Jun 2018 9 AM – 5 PM $360.00 Register and Pay Online 
QLD Innisfail 24 Feb 2018 9 AM – 5 PM $50.00 Register and Pay Online 
VIC Shepparton 09 Jun 2018 9 AM – 5 PM $50.00 Register and Pay Online 
VIC Ballarat 09 Jun 2018 9 AM – 5 PM $50.00 Register and Pay Online 



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