Making Teams Work

Provider: MDA National

Team relationships often reveal concerning characteristics including bullying, workplace aggression, communication issues, and ineffective leadership, which affect the quality of the patient care the team provides. Building teamwork and leadership skills can help. A well-functioning interprofessional team enhances efficiency and continuity of care, minimises mistakes, and benefits patient satisfaction.

  • In-depth education activity
    • Full day, small group, highly interactive workshop with pre- and post-workshop exercises
    • Ideal for doctors at all career stages who have responsibilities for looking after other staff
  • The workshop explores:
    • how to encourage a positive work culture
    • identifying and helping colleagues with health concerns affecting their fitness to practise
    • recognising and responding to unprofessional conduct
    • providing effective feedback
    • constructive leadership 
  • Continuing professional development (CPD) applications have been submitted to a number of medical colleges. It is a Category 1 active learning module with the RACGP QI&CPD Program. Please see the CPD tab at the top of the screen for further details.      
  • Complimentary attendance, including morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea 

This collegial and engaging education activity helps you to enhance your skills and give you opportunities to practise strategies for improving team performance by encouraging positive workplace interactions.

This comprehensive education program has three compulsory stages:

  • pre-workshop activity
  • small group workshop
  • post-workshop activity.

All three stages must be sequentially completed to receive a completion certificate.

1. Pre-workshop activity

  • Approximately 1 hour, completed online
  • Helps you prepare for the workshop and identify personal learning needs relating to the topics
  • Assists facilitators to adapt the session to respond to the group’s needs
  • Must be completed 1 week before the small group workshop

2. Small group workshop

  • Full day, face-to-face session
  • Peer–peer collaborative learning
  • Focused on practical strategies for improving team performance

3. Post-workshop activity

  • Approximately 1 hour, completed online 
  • Reinforces key messages from the activity
  • Apply and further plan how to implement what you have learnt
  • Must be completed to receive a completion certificate

Optional steps

  • Evaluation form (5 minutes)
  • Long-term reflection form (10 minutes)

Dr Genevieve Yates is an educator, a GP and a medical writer. She is currently the Queensland Censor and a senior examiner for the RACGP, a member of MDA National’s Education Services Advisory Group (ESAG), and runs mental health workshops for the Black Dog Institute. She worked as a GP medical educator for over a decade, most recently as Associate Director of Training of North Coast GP Training until the organisation ceased to operate in December 2015. In 2010, Genevieve received the Arts and Health Australia Awards for Excellence in Medical Humanities and Education and in 2014 was awarded GPET’s Medical Educator of the Year. Genevieve injects her creativity into medicine and medicine into creativity by using film, theatre and music in her teaching. She has had several short stories, a novel and a play published, a short film produced, and five plays as well as a musical staged.

CPD Points & College: Variable CPD points for GP and other specialty colleges (Details Here).

Dates & Times: Sat 9th June, 8.45am – 5.00pm

  • Registration, tea and coffee – 8:45am–9:00am
  • Interactive workshop – 9:00am–5:00pm

Venue: Mantra Southbank, Brisbane

Cost: Free for MDA National Members


Phone: 1800 011 255




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