Advanced Law Intensive

Provider: Australasian College of Legal Medicine

An intensive two day lecture series that focuses in some detail on the principles that define the legal relationship between the patient and the health care professional. These principles involve firstly, consent to treatment by both adults and children; secondly that advice and treatment is provided with reasonable care and skill in accordance with accepted standards of care; and thirdly that the relationship is maintained through an acceptable standard of professional conduct. The intensive will provide participants with a greater knowledge and understanding of how these principles are applied by the civil, criminal and disciplinary law in the context of clinical practice, thereby providing an opportunity to further enhance the care of our patients.

The course includes lectures and small group discussions on the following topics:

  • Common Law and Consent
  • Consent and Children
  • Trespass to the Person in medical cases
  • Duty and Medical Negligence
  • Breach of Duty and Medical Negligence
  • Causation and Medical Negligence
  • Vicarious Liability and Non-Delegable Duty
  • Defences and Medical Negligence
  • Regulation of Health Professionals – Disciplinary Law
  • Industrial Relations / Credentialing and Scope of Clinical Practice
  • Withholding and Withdrawing Life Sustaining Measures


  • Professor Roy Beran, Consultant Neurologist & Professor, FACLM
  • Professor John Devereux, Professor of Law, University of Queensland
  • Dr Don Buchanan, Forensic Physician & Legal Practitioner, FACLM

CPD Points & College: to be confirmed

Dates & Times:  24 & 25 November 2018


Venue: TBC, see website above

Cost: $700 (members) / $800 (non-members)

Contact Person: Jayelle Conway, ACLM Administrator


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