Clinical Courses

‘The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.’

~ B. B. King

Melanoma and the latest treatment options

Date: TBC

The landscape on melanoma treatment has been changing over the last 20 years, prognosis dramatically improved by diagnostic procedures such as sentinel lymph node biopsies, as well as advances in immunotherapy. This is a 90 minute webinar with multidiscplinary presentation from dermatology, surgery and oncology to give you the latest in melanoma treatment.

All About Breast Implants

Date: TBC

What are the latest about Breast implants? This is a webinar targetted at primary health care providers and health professionals about breast implants. We answer all the important questions about implants, including their longevity, their effect on breast screening, indications for revisions and imaging, their association with anaplastic large cell lymphoma, the recomended review, and touch on the surgical aspects of implant surgery.

Thyroid and Parathyroid Diseases

Date: TBC

This webinar will give you a quick review of the clinicopathology of common thyroid and parathyroid disorders, their diagnosis and management. Targetted for all health professions, trainees and students, it is a great way to have a refresher summary as well as being kept up to date with the latest in this area.

Pelvic Pain

Date: TBC

This is a webinar that will give you a working algorithm when presented with pelvic pain. Included in the differential gynaecological conditions, this webinar will look at diagnostic tools and managements for common causes of pelvic pain

Skin Conditions in Children

Date: TBC

This will be a gallery of photos presented by a dermatologist, looking at some common, and unusual paediatric skin conditions. Management strategies will be discuss for children that present with undiagnosed rashes or skin ailments.

Webinar schedules for 2021 coming soon…….

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