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Disclaimer & Legal Notices

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Our Guidelines:

  1. Zero Tolerance: At C4D, we will not tolerate defamation, bullying, intimidation or coarse language. You are entitled to your opinion, but your feedback should always be respectable, constructive and given with integrity. We reserve the right to not publish or remove any comments that violates this condition.
  2. Security: This is a public website with access by the general public. Please be aware that you comments may reflect the medical profession as a whole and we would recommend that you review your comments carefully prior to posting. We cannot guarantee the security of any information posted on this community. We suggest you refrain from posting a comment if your post could be possible cause for defamation or unfair criticism against an individual or a business. We reserve the right to delete or not publish any inappropriate comments.
  3. Products & Contents: C4D takes reasonable measures to ensure that that we have the most up-to-date and accurate information available. However, we take no responsibility for the completeness, accuracy, suitability or currency of any events we publish or presenters we host on this site. Although we have good relationship with our listed presenters, but they have the right to change their event details at their discretion, we would suggest that you check our site to ensure the latest up-to-date details. We are independent of the presenters and vice versa. This site does not offer professional advice and will not be responsible for any transactions or agreements you may enter with the presenters. Publication of events on this site does not mean endorsement by the C4D team. We do not endorse nor validate any presenters. This would be outside the realm of our capabilities and responsibilities. We do, however, act on feedback from the medical community, thus may remove events/courses in appropriate circumstances.
  4. Commercial Interests & Affilitations: C4D declares that it or its team does not receive monetary or non-monetary benefits in return to feature specific presenters. We have no affiliation with any professional colleges or training bodies or event providers, except for the purposes of continuing medical education accreditation.
  5. Copyright: We encourage sharing of our posts and information. Please be aware that some webinar contents may have copyright and if you use any or part of contents on this website, you will need to acknowledge the author of the post, and provide appropriate reference to the original post.

If you have any queries with regards to our Terms and Conditions, please contact us.

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